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Well I have had to make the decision to register the shop even though we have limited stock.  This is just a basic step but in circumstances it was a required step to take.  As we have had some interest in the shop from Scifi collector which means we could keep up to date on the TW and DW figures.   I will see what the wholesale prices are like and work a price from that, some will be on comission but with the flyers will be a list of their comission. 

The Shop

Hi My name is Emma I have just set up a new fan club for both Torchwood and Do


I am both Excited and nervous about the first Torchwood Meet in Birmingham, as I am a stranger nowdays to meeting people who like the same programmes.  This was meant for Torchwood fan fiction aswell as fan fiction on several different areas of scifi, i really hope this goes ok and everyone has a good time.  I intend for us to discuss the programme as a wole, every aspect of it as there are a lot of good people involved in these programmes such as writers, directors etc.  Yes the actors play a big part in television programmes but if it was not for the back work of the Writers then there would not be a story, Camera,Sound crew and sfx guys there would not be much in the way of details or sound.  Director is there to stop the chaos and make the programme as well as many others.

Of course there is the countless number of extras to be considered in the making of the programme and children.  It is a great programme that would not exist if it was not for the everyone involved in the making of the programme.  Many fans have their favourite main actor and supporting actor such as the Doctor and his companion, where as i dont as all the actors who have been fortunate enough to play the Doctor bring their own individual point of view and unique personality to the role.   Where as with the Torchwood team I would have to say i don't truly have a favourite as I think they are all great.  But I can see more of Ianto in me as i worked in an office as a office Junior, But then again I am also like Owen as i can be very sarcastic according to my friends.

I must admit that i do like the character of Capt Jack Harkness as he something, i feel every person would like to be as we all have a natural desire to live for ever.   But what is it about Jack?  Is he a eternal or immortal?  As many Doctor Who fans will argue that he is an eternal.

Well I have just outlined my views and i hope they will be respected!

My Hopes for the Friends of Torchwood and Doctor Who:


In the future i hope that i can arrange trips to Cardiff and possible hollidays.   I would like to do some trips or something that will mean that the members who have children can bring their children to.   I think it is important for people to have some space from there partners and children but then again it is also important to have some  quality time away with the famillies.   I would like to offer this eventually to the members of the fan site.   People will have to pay the money but i will arrange the hotels/ B&B's and travel,  This i hope will offer people the chance to see Cardiff where Torchwood and Doctor who is filmed.

As there is currently a Doctor Who exhibition on in the area!


To those who wish to join and are worried about this form please dont worry about this form as it does not and never will ask people to for to personal information the main questions are Name, Age and Address,  on top of this who is your favourite characters.  I dont think there will be many of us there but I hope that a few will turn up.  This information is purely for our records, as we will need your address if you want the newsletter.  Then i can post it to you but we will always have a few copies at hand on the days of the meets.  We will also have a copy of the form with us there as well incase people want to meet first and then do the form.   Every fan club i have ever come into contact with has handed out forms asking the basic information.      You may take it back with you and fill them out!


My name is Emma Hewitt, I am in the process of organising a meeting in the West midlands of England for Torchwood fans in this country.  If any one is interrested in the meeting please get in touch with me on e.hewitt927@btinternet.com.  We will be meeting in a public place possibly on a saturday afternoon in Worcester or Birmingham.

When I receive your replies I will be able to arrange things properly. 

Thankyou for looking at this message!

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